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Re: Punishments Outside of the Home

It always seems like kids act up when you are out doesn't it? It can be really hard to discipline in situations like this but my best advice is if you want to use time outs (and this is what I do essentially) remove him from the fun. Say "uh oh time to sit down" or "corner time" or whatever and remove him to the benches or a corner in the play area where you can still keep an eye on your dd but control him as well. Yes he will probably scream and throw a fit but that is perfectly fine. You can let him know that he is welcome to come out of the corner or off of the bench when he is ready to be sweet again and then as soon as he has calmed down give him a moment to compose himself and ask "are you ready to be sweet?" If he says yes you can say "That is great I love you." And send him off to play again. The important thing is to not let him go until he stops having a tantrum and acting out.

I'm not saying this always works, things get crazy and I lose my temper and Tharen can get really out of control but this is what I try for.
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