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Originally Posted by kimb96

Where are you in Thailand? I lived there for 3 years in Pattaya. ARe you not eating meat because you don't think it's safe or too expensive? The local chicken and pork is fine. We ate it all the time. We stayed away from beef as the local beef isn't very good taste wise and imported beef was very expensive. I actually found it was cheaper to eat out. Most thais do. We ate at those little restaurants you see all over the place that are like a few tables under a tent on a patch of dirt.
We are about 20 minutes north of Bangkok in Nonthaburi. We haven't had any issues with meat from Villa or Markets, but on occasion we have got some rancid meat at the grocery type stores. Beef is expensive but we just found this was a great opportunity for us to eat a little healthier.
We eat on the streets pretty iften because the smell if often hard to resist. I certainly have found a new love for noodles since being here!

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