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I'm not at all familiar with sewing diapers so I cant help you there! Wish I was though

As for wool, I think it's just wool we wear is different and diaper wool especially after being lanolized it is nice and soft. It's still wool, but very soft and I'd say much more comfortable and breathable to wear compared to PUL. I love wool, thought it was crazy at first, but its my favorite wish I had funds to buy a whole stash of it!

Also I really wanted prefolds for my dd but knew DH wouldn't stand for it, but I'm home with her 99% of the time and i change every diaper when I'm home so I bought prefolds and we love them. We have other diapers too and daddy thinks the prefolds are wierd but he doesn't change her and isn't home to see most days so its okay. Daddy changes maybe two diapers a week which is 100% fine with me
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