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Re: How do you keep your body in shape between pregnanies?

I have had 4 and am pregnant with #5, all C/S. I delayed ab work-outs until 6 weeks. i started out just walking and bike riding (things I could do with the kids).

A couple of months out between baby 3 and 4 and baby 4 and 5, I started P90X. I did the work-outs AND the nutrition plan. The nutrition plan was key to my success as it forces you to eat enough and eat well (or you will NOT get the most out of the work-outs). Another plus is you are better off eating well when nursing

That said, I work FT outside the home and I had to get up at 4 to 4:30 am to get in the hour + work-out before going off to work. It IS rigorous, but I look and feel strong and pretty much all around awesome when I am working out and eating right.
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