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Re: Farming/Homesteading October Chat Thread

Originally Posted by aiyana4969 View Post
Megan that kitchen is GORGEOUS! Love it!

Here, I almost bought 2 jersey cows. Someone about 30 miles away (which is super local for us) was selling a boy and a girl for $35 each, but we're just not set up for cows. Though I have to wonder if something is wrong with them since they usually go for $400+ around here. Maybe because they were 5 weeks old? Dh was hoping that I'd take them because it would keep me busy and keep me from working out of the home (he doesn't want me working until ALL kids are in school full time. That's another 3 years and if I don't find at least a per diem before July I'll lose my licence as a CNA). I may have a job coming from the hospital where my mom works though. It for the ER and the nurse manager likes the fact I was trained as an EMT years ago. Plus they love my mom's work ethic (both my parents are really hard workers and instilled it into me from an early age. I had my first honest to God, real job when I was 8).

I am getting increasingly disgruntled with the local school. My 4th graders spelling word consist of things like 'yes' and 'green' and she has to spend 10 mins per night on math flash cards... addition, can you believe it, she should be AT LEAST on multiplication tables! My daughter rolls her eyes each time we pratic and asks if I can give her the times tables and mark her paper as having done the addition. She's still doing stuff she learned in Kindergarden in CA, the educational system here is a joke. If I don't get the ER job I'll likely homeshool. Either way I'm pretty sure next year I'll be homeschooling. They just like 'going to school' *sigh*

Oh and it's apple season. The 'local' orchard 45 miles away has some nice apples. And while they don't advertise it I got some inside info that any from the ground were $0.15/lb vs the $0.45/lb from the tree. I knw have 20 overstuffed grocery bags to go thru and put up. That's what I'm supposed to be doing now but I have a feverish 5 YO in my lap atm.

Had something tear apart my roo the other day. Swear it was the neighbors dog. But today I caught a fox xhasing one of my hens up the drive and into the street. A passing truck hit the chicken, darned fox survived :angry: so tomroow mornign DH and I are headed to town after a .22 rifle since all I had was a bb gun and a 270. The nighbors, roads and tril system are all too close for the 270 (plus it's kid safe atm. The ammo is in a lockbox in the basement and the rifle is dismantled in the closet in our room on the 2nd floor WITH a trigger guard on it.) Have no idea how we'll store the .22 to keep it fox ready and away from kids. May come home with a cabnet with combo lock on it too. I wouldn't keep it loaded but a clip loaded in the same case and easy to get together quick, I dunno.
Yay, that's way too cheap for a jersy heifer! I understand the jersey steer. Here, jersey heifer calves will still go for 80-120. Our Rosie just had a heifer and we named her Maizy. Right now my dh and fil are bottlefeeding her, but I'm hoping when my son's month long intense therapy program is over then I can take over. We are keeping her and I'd love her to love me whenever I'm allowed to start milking. My DH says I can't until the last kiddo is around 3 (baby girl is turning 1). haha.

I LOVE shooting our .22! It's lightweight, not too hard, no kickback really. I much prefer it to rifles, handguns and the sort. We do that with ours, keep the guns in the gun cabinet by our bed and the clips loaded ontop, ready to shove in. It's worked well and we are still able to get deer (we have farm permits), groundhogs, etc. in time.

Do your kids help with canning the apples? I am dreaming when mine are old enough! I canned 2-1/2 bushels of apples over 2 days and with the 4 kids being so young... those days were so tiring! At our orchard they just go by the peck/half bushel/bushel. I wonder what poundage that equals out to?
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