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Hope it all works out soon for you. I would probably go back to the OB, but its hard to say because I certainly wouldn't want the bad ob on call either. A friend if mine managed to get her OB's cell phone if in case the on call doc started talking non-emergency cs (she was hoping for a vbac). He ended up coming in on a holiday weekend because she was so upset. Maybe your ob would be willing to be a little more on call with you?

Originally Posted by delicatefade
I'm jealous that you all even have the option. I want a midwife so bad it's not funny, but there is no chance of me getting one. And I don't have a Doc either.
Me, too! No birthing centers here. Only 2 legal midwives within hours and neither is covered by my insurance. I do have plenty of OBs or family docs to choose from though.
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