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Re: Farming/Homesteading October Chat Thread

Originally Posted by chloecat View Post
the old guy at the auction barn when we went said that cows twins are not a good buy. so if the mother had a boy/girl or two girls. you don't want them. he said 9 out of 10 times the girls are sterile and of no use to you!!

that could very well be the problem!
Amanda- This ^^ Yes. Dh was just telling me that the other night. We were talking about MY chances of conceiving twins/triplets on fertility meds (which we are starting next month if we don't conceive this month) and he started talking about cows then (yeah true farmer!!! LOL) and how in twin cows the female has a very high chance of being sterile. I knew this but had forgotten all about it...ofcourse at that moment I was thinking about my OWN possible future kids...not a calves. Haha. Also, Mom and Dad buy 2 steers every few years as calves from their neighbor and dad's best friend. A few years back that neighbor gave them a heifer with their steer they bought being she was the steers twin and he said that my parents would probably need to butcher her as well. He said they just butcher or sell twin heifers off for beef anyway. He said if she turned out to be non-sterile that they could keep her as a milk cow free...She ended up sterile and butchered as beef.

About the school system...My jaw literally dropped. My 6 (seven in January) nephew is learning that stuff in first grade right now. Dh thinks I'm nuts but I'm keeping an eye on the schools in this area already (we have atleast 3 years before even pre-k). I've already found one (ofcourse the one Ds will be supposedly going to) that I'm not impressed with b/c of the way the teachers act and how smart the kids seem (they seem behind other schools). I told Dh that if I'm not impressed after the first year of him going there, he will be transferred to the one in the neighboring town (which I really like...teachers/kids I've met are really nice and seem smart). He thinks I'm nuts for even thinking about it yet.

As for the gun. We keep some in a locked cabinet at the farm house and I keep the clip in my Ruger .243 (my "baby" in way of rifles. Daddy bought it for me when I was 13 as a birthday present. Haven't used any other rifle since.) so I can just jack a shell when I see a coyote in the field. Darn things kill deer, cats, chickens, geese, and pester the cows. Dh keeps his .243 above the entryway so he can grab it quick. His isn't loaded tho. We have an awful coyote problem at the home-farm when we stay. Here I keep my old old 20 guage (passed down through years...I've had it for 12 baby in ways of shotguns) with clip in, ready to jack a shell for when Dh is over at the farm working until late, fixing machines and stuff. I'm paranoid that someone is going to try and break in. I've never lived close to a road before. We always lived in the boonies, back off the road in the middle of no where!!
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