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Re: Farming/Homesteading October Chat Thread

So tuesday, Ds ended up busting his lip and needed taken to the Dr to get checked out. He is fine...just tore the little piece of skin that runs from the top inside gums to the top inside lip. Bled like a son of a brick tho! **sighs** NOTHING on my "to-do" list got done but somehow I still managed to finish washing bedsheets (along with Ds's newly bloodied bedsheets from smacking his face off the bed) fairly late into the night. Yesterday laundry got finished and I ran around visiting people for birthdays and birthday parties in our hometown. Didn't get home until 10:30 last night. And I am fighting one heck of a cold! DH had it...Ds is getting over I got it.

So today we are finishing up decorating for fall, folding 2 loads of laundry, washing diapers, cutting up and freezing peppers, canning pears, tidying the house, and then visiting my grandparent-in-laws.

Oh! Wanted to ask. We have a mold and pest (spiders, mosquitos??, mice, centipede) problem in our farm house (90ish years old...mud basement) since we haven't stayed there in a few months. Anyone know what I can do about this?

MIL is no longer working and offered to keep it up for me and to watch Ds for me on the weekends so I can work on the house to get it back in order. As of now, my plan is to get mold test strips and see what kind it is. Then I plan to set off bug bombs and put out more mouse poison as we leave some weekend. Then wash ALL of the (too small baby and me) clothes and blankets we have in storage and put them in those airtight space bags to keep them pest free. Then I plan to clean out the back porch and get all the junk out of there. And depending on what kind of mold is in the house I plan on scrubbing down ALL the walls and floors with bleach water/disinfectant to kill it. Then I want to start getting MIL to keep a small fire going over there this winter and tidy it up through the week to make sure everything stays clean, dried out and dead. I have a small dehumidifier I used in my basement bedroom when I lived at home that I plan to run in the bathroom where a lot of the mold is. This spring I'm buying a bigger dehumidfier for the whole downstairs (upstairs seems mold free) and running it in the house this spring/summer/fall to keep the mold at bay.

Any suggestions on how to keep this stuff out for good? If the house sits empty for more than a week (we usually go every two weeks to stay in the winter), it gets like this. This is the first time I'm going to extreme measures tho...I'm just so sick of the pests. We typically don't use poisons or harmful sprays but I'm making an exception since I've tried most everything else. I want to be able to stay there and feel comfortable with staying.
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