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Re: It's official. I'm a failure.

My daughter who is almost 3 goes through phases where she "leaks" and can't seem to hold it. She's been potty learned for more then 6 months. Sometimes I think kids just have off weeks/days. I gave up on the night time PL for now and DD wears a pull up every night. She'll go a week without wetting and then wet for 3 nights straight. She was also leaking in her panties at school the first few weeks, even though she spent all summer at the same school.

I am also pregnant and will have a NB in dipes here in about 3-5 weeks. I figure any panties that get soaked will just start going in the dipe laundry. I'm happy to have her mostly potty learned. But I do worry about regression with the new baby.

Hang in there, I know boys are harder then girls and someday it will just "click"!
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