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Re: I learned all kinds of things about myself this week

I feel fine now, and the baby looks GREAT. His/her health is very impressive, actually. The growth scans were great, and the strips looked great once they got my pain under control. Which took 12 hours because of the morphine thing. I've never been allergic to anything in my life.

It all happened in a very fortuitous way, to tell the truth. The nurse started pushing the morphine, but got called out in the hallway because another mom in triage was having issues. She got an infinitesimally small dose in me. Seriously, it was almost no morphine at all. So my arm started itching. Then you could literally see the rash going up my arms. My veins turned red, my hand started to swell and my BP started to drop. everyone freaked. It was silly. And only because it ended well.

And I can look back on it all with humor since the baby is doing so well. All the problems are me, which may mean an early delivery, but for now I have a very healthy, strong, baby who is growing very very well, and excellent follow up. They were close to doing an emergency c-section, and if they had, I would not have been able to look back on all of this in a fairly cheerful manner. Emergency C at 29 weeks is no joke, no matter how big the baby is. I'm still optimistic I will go full term, though.
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