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Re: Weaning my 2 yo DD, started today ...

It was a difficult first week, especially days 3-5, then she adjusted and has been fine ever since. Every now and then she lays in my arm in a nursing position and sticks her hand in my shirt, but she doesn't cry when I remind her that the milk got yucky and then went away. She's sleeping all night MOST nights in the toddler bed beside mine (if I can get her rocked to sleep ahead of me going to bed.) Sometimes she snuggles to sleep in my bed, and I can either leave her there or move her to the toddler bed. If she does wake in the night, she just snuggles back to sleep with me. I knew she'd sleep better if she weaned and spent more nights in her own bed, and she is.

The worst part was I didn't realize she was cutting 2 yo molars when I started weaning her. So she was in pain, too. Once I figured that out, I started giving her tylenol and teething tablets, and it helped.

I used the vinegar twice on day one, and once on day 3. That was it. She didn't need it the rest of the time. Just reminding her it was yucky would make her start wiping at her mouth, as she remembered the taste. I ended up slightly engorged/sore for several days, but it regulated by day 5, I think.

In those days 3-5 I had some doubts, I considered giving in, but I knew I had made the right decision, so I didn't. Now I'm very glad I didn't give in. We still rock, snuggle, giggle, kiss, and read books ... and we have plenty of time for her to forget about nursing before the baby comes in March.

I will say that pregnancy hormones make nursing during pregnancy irritating. I've done it through 2 pregnancies with younger/needier toddlers that I knew weren't ready to wean yet. I had to grit my teeth at times and let them nurse, even though it was painful and annoying. Deep breathing and forcing myself to be calm and gentle about it. So, I know it is hard, and it's the hormones causing that feeling. But if you don't feel your little one is ready to wean, you don't have to.

I just was at the end of my ability to keep doing it this time, and I felt like she would be able to handle it, so I decided to go ahead and wean.
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