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Re: How do gymbucks and the coupons work?

So what do you experiences Gymbo moms consider to be a good deal for new pieces? $5/shirt? $7/shirt? There is a 50% off sale now with shirts for $5.25-$6.55 plus shipping. I don't have any extra coupons or gymbucks...Is that a good deal?

I could get shirts here at walmart for $5-7 each and jeans for $8-10, so I sort or figured if I could get Gymbo stuff for the same price, do that. Goodwill here is $3-4 for shirts, but they are used. Nothing against that, I just want stuff to last througgh multiple kids.

Sorry for all the dumb questions. My ODS is 7 and we have survived so far (with 3 younges kids to boot!) almost exclusively on gifts and hand me downs. But they have tapered off and now (gasp!) I have to actually BUY my kids some clothes

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