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Re: Can we talk diapers again.....puleasssee,I need help

I want to cut back too! I have 2 in full time diapers and at night. one is semi/just starting to get interested in potty training. Here is what I have:

For my 2 year old:

8 cadillac piddle poddles
2 baby soft wraps
3 toddler ease (for night-time)
3 tinkle time trainers

For my 10 month old:

2 Alvas
2 Jungle Roos
5 sunbabys (on their way)
1 rsd (and one on the way)
2 Very Baby Simply Nights (for night-time)
16 prefolds (trying to sell 3)
8 large gmd's (trying to sell)
1 tinkle trap (trying to sell)

or should I keep the gmds? See! I'm so confused
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