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It's legal and practiced here. Alabama, public schools.

BUT, the parent always chooses whether their child is paddled or suspended. You get 5 licks or 5 days, for example.

My parents always chose paddling (I got caught smoking in the bathroom a lot ) because when you are suspended you can't make up work. They didn't care about smoking in the bathroom as long as I kept my 4.0 GPA.

It never hurt. It was pretty absurd, really.

I like having the option, as a parent, to choose which punishment fits with my parenting philosophies best.

My DS in in kindergarten, obviously I would choose suspension. If he's in high school and its the week of a big test that will greatly affect his class ranking? Bend over.

ETA: Even up through high school, the parent MUST be present during the paddling. I went to 5 different school districts in this state, and my child has already been in two, and its the same in all so I am assuming that is a statewide regulation. That absolutely cannot take your child into the office and paddle on a whim - they must follow the proper steps.
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