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Re: Another wwyd about school...(kids not college)

wow...I would get a lawyer and sue the crap out of that school. How barbaric of them! Plus, you specifically stated that they are not to spank your child without your permission. I am not against spanking in certain situations but I am the one to decide that and carry it out. NO ONE has the right to touch my child in a violent way! That is what detention and suspension are for. Do your children a favor and pull them out of this school. Not only are they barbaric but they obviously do not care about your child's education. Telling her that she will fail and then holding her back for no good reason, not to mention spending all their funding on FOOTBALL! Are you KIDDING me? FOOTBALL! Who the heck cares about stinking football? I don't send my kids to school to play football, I send them there for a proper education! Freaking rediculous! Ugh, and this is a public school? I would definitely get a lawyer about the spanking AND to bring to attention their horrible misuse of funds. Shut this crap hole down! And the lunch lady...I am a christian but I would be upset if someone was preaching to my children in an innappropriate place like school. There is a time and a place for everything and school is not the place to learn about Jesus. Plus, her beliefs and your beliefs may not line up and she has no way to know if they would so how dare she presume to "educate" your children! Now the fact that she dug up your personal address and actually came to your house to bring your children to has to be all kinds of illegal and I am sure she could get fired for using your personal information for unofficial business. I would also point that lawyer right at her and see what he could do about that situation as well. I don't care if she thinks she is doing something good, it is NOT her place!
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