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Re: NB/SM/OS prefold/flat/cover/woolie FFS Lotto

This lotto is closed. I got 7 entries... no matches to where my LO's were born (Bitburg Germany, Younsong Korea, and Tucson AZ) we are Air Force Anyway... I'm going to just do a random drawing - everyone who posted will be entered (I have no problem with you posting for friends - I just want these diapers to be loved by someone who needs them!).

Just a note... I switched out the Flip cover. It's now a snap Flip in Sweet it's actually in better condition and gender neutral... my DH prefers the Aplix so I decided to keep it for him even though I prefer snaps!

Also, if you win and you really don't think you will use the wool, please let me know. I won't be offended and will put in something else instead (probably a OS fitted dipe or two). I really want the wool to go to someone who will use it and will open up another Lotto for just the wool if you don't want it.

I'll post and PM the winner soon... thanks!
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