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Thanks, mamas! I just didn't know if I was being overly sensitive, but DH picked up on their lack of confidence as well.
I don't have the option to choose a different midwife though. There's only one midwifery here, and they squeezed me in by fudging my paper work to put my due date into early may since April was full. The receptionists both worked their butts off to convince the midwife to take me. it is a team of two midwives, and if one can't make it they'll send one of the other midwives, but there's a 90% chance that I'll have the same midwives for delivery that I do for care.
I'm going to wait until my next appointment, and then I'm going to talk to her admit my desire to avoid interventions, especially induction. I don't feel that risk of a big baby is a good reason to induce, especially when I know my body is more than capable of delivering a big baby.

I was shocked with the whole experience... I was so excited to have a midwife... Even my OB told me with my last pregnancy that I would be an excellent candidate since my pregnancy was so textbook and my personality so relaxed.
When I read about other mamas experiences with birth and forced interventions and rude doctors and such, and when I watched the business of being born I didn't really understand it, because I'd never had that sort of experience with my OB... But this midwife throws off the exact same vibes I get from those stories. I'm going to ask my local mom group about their experiences with her - I know that she attended my friends hb, so I'm sure she'll be able to tell me if I'm making an unfair assumption or not.
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