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Re: Kitchen storage solutions?

We have the tiniest kitchen (tiniest house) ever, and have battled the storage issue constantly.
We started out using the hall closet as a pantry, but this left us with no place for coats. Fine in summer, not so much in winter. So we returned it to its rightful role as coat/boot/vac bags/craft stuff/shopping bags storage, lol.

I got this shelf at Container Store, although I know you could find something much, much cheaper (just one of the tall parts), and some DVD boxes that fit canned goods really, really well.
This went in the corner of our table area (so when DH sits down, his back is to the shelf instead of the wall, KWIM?) It's a nice looking shelf, so it's not weird to have it exposed, and the shelves are adjustable so I made it fit what we needed (ie trash can is on lowest shelf, etc). The DVD boxes keep some of the "clutter" hidden and semi-organized. Stuff we don't use as much, goes way up top (I am short).
I also moved everything not likely to be needed right away (as in, the pot is boiling and I need to XYZ) to the living room. One shelf of our bookcase is dedicated to large trays/platters/etc and another for baskets (used for chips, rolls, etc).
I don't have a huge stockpile of canned goods or anything, but if I did... I would put a small amount on the black shelves, and the rest upstairs under our bed, lol. That is where we store toilet paper, bedsheets, DD's outgrown clothes, and the highchair
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