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Bra question ... bravado bliss?

I was trying to win ebay auctions for bravado seamless silk bras, and ended up also bidding on a New with Tags Bravado Bliss. It doesn't fit right, though, and I'm not sure if it's just because I bought a bit larger (knowing I'll need larger when the baby is born and I'm nursing again) or if it's just not a bra that is going to work for me.

The center portion doesn't come anywhere near staying close to my breastbone, it gapes away terribly. And then the pre-shaped cups leave me with the pointiest portion pointing OUT, rather than forward or giving a rounded look.

Does anyone know much about bravado bliss? Should I wait and see if it fits better when I'm breastfeeding my newborn, or just go ahead and re-sell it? I got a 38D, and right now I need 36D or 38C. I'm disappointed because I really wanted to love it.

I guess I need to keep trying to win some seamless silks to try. I usually buy 2 new Bravado ORiginal m++ when pregnant, and then one or two more nicer nursing bras that give more shape/support. Last pregnancy I bought 2 Anita underwires, and I also had some new Bravado Supremes. I've really come to prefer the underwires for going out, at least.
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