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Re: S/O Am I the only one that had no idea spanking was still allowed in some states?

Originally Posted by joyous View Post
I had no idea. I think it's insane and scary. Even if you fill out a form, how do you know your child is not being hit? The mama in the other post said she opted out and her DD was still paddled twice. How is this okay? What if a teacher is angry one day and wants to take it out on a child? :shudder:

I wonder if there are any rules about gender, like a male spanking a female. I mean, if they're not going to make it illegal (which it should be), there should definitely be guidelines about that.
Check out the article I posted. There are SOME schools that have that guideline, but it's not required, and even in that school, the male vice principal did it anyway.
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