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Re: KAL Oct 7-13 *Knit the funk away!*

Originally Posted by EskimoStitches View Post
I would love some of your blood. Rb asked if he could do a live donation but he is not cleared to donate at all so even if they could have done it, like if they had time to screen him, I don't think they would've let him. He is O+, I am B+. Our kids have BO.

Really though, I am pretty miserable. I can't shed this awesome iron lollipop taste in my mouth and I am sooo lethargic and just can't get my mind to do what I need it to do. I have to have help walking and I am having such a hard time making myself eat. I did have a root beer float and some hot chai but I couldn't finish either so idk how much of my lethargy is from not eating or from anemia or psychological. Hard to say.

I am going back in tomorrow for labs to track my levels down to 0 and I will see how I feel and will probably talk to my dr.
I think I'm actually B+ too, but it probably would be bad if I shared my blood right now since I can't even walk across the house without things going black and spinny

Originally Posted by Dayzee1081 View Post
Oooh, guess what?! I finished the knitting on my HH! I've just gotta do the tassels!

Originally Posted by danigrace05 View Post
I'm alive. Pickle juice and chicken broth are keeping me going.
What's everyone doing today?

Carolyn, I don't see anything wrong with A. Some kids are stronger than others, and if birth mom wasn't taking care of herself, she may have some nutrient deficits she's compensating for now? Pixie hated everyone but me at first, and she was an advanced baby otherwise. Like she freaked out if even DH held her. I couldn't even pee alone without a massive meltdown for the first several months of her life. She is getting over it just now.
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