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Re: Anyone started their diaper stash yet?

I don't physically have anything except our flats, everything else is in the mail, but here's what we've gotten so far:

-36 osocozy flats (we debated between all flats vs flats and prefolds, but then realized we could just padfold a prefold if we wanted to.)

-7 OS wool covers from Mama Bear Babywear

-4 OS flip covers (no inserts because they were from the cottonbabies seconds sale - going to stuff with flats instead)

Plus a handful of pins and snappis.

We're all set for OS sizes, but I still want some for newborn. I am planning on making a NB fleece soaker, so depending on how that goes, I'll either make some more, or stalk the fsot board for some covers. I'm just worried about spending money and then the little one being too big to wear them for more than a week or two.

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