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Re: Punishments Outside of the Home

i agree with asking your friend to watch your dd and taking him off somewhere else for a timeout. my son has recently gotten much better, but not that long ago he was the same about throwing fits in public, and then escalating when a timeout was instituted. timeouts at home used to be knock-down, drag-out fights that lasted 20-30 minutes while i waited for him to calm himself down. that has also gotten better, but i mean, he still has the capability to "go there". he's just a high-strung kid. timeouts work well for him now, but i'm not convinced they were always an effective tool for him. i just never found anything else that worked better. anyways, so i completely understand not wanting to do a timeout "in place" when it's just going to mean kicking, screaming, and irritating everyone around you.

when ds gets like this, i grab him by the arm and take him outside, usually half-dragging, half-carrying him cause he's kicking and screaming his head off. because once you're out of an enclosed place, it's not so irritating for everyone around you and i feel more comfortable with the scene he's making. also, if we leave the building or wherever, he perceives it as leaving, period. and it tends to make him behave quicker at the perceived threat of leaving. then he gets timeout outside. and a talking to about how it's not the right way to act. i totally understand not being able to just get up and leave for good. our time is very limited and chances are, wherever i am, whatever i'm doing, i will not be able to get back there for awhile, so we have to barrel through. anyways, that's how i would handle it, just remove him from the situation to calm down. your friend can watch your other kid
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