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Re: How do gymbucks and the coupons work?

Originally Posted by BabyKakes View Post
For long sleeve shirts I would pay $5-$6 ($7 would be pushing it for me - I would have to LOVE it). For summer shirts around $3-$4. I see a few summer clothes around that price point right now online. If you need a gymbo code, sign up to receive emails on the website - you will get a code for 10% off plus free ship on $50.
PS - for fancier tops like polos, sweaters or button down, I would pay a little more.
Okay, I signed up but the 10% off code is for a period in december. By then they probly won't have this clearance going on anymore, right? So do I get the stuff now or wait for december?

This is what drives me nuts about gymboree. I love their clothes, but I feel like I have to devote way too much time online to get the good deals. I passionately hate shopping, so this is not a fun game to me like some, it is a huge headache. Am I doing it wrong?
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