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Re: I learned all kinds of things about myself this week

Originally Posted by eguisgirl View Post
Oh my!! Those are some lessons! (I am guessing the benadryl was not diluted which is why it burned, just my ). I am so glad you are ok and that your little one is growing well! Get some rest!
Yeah, they were in a bit of a hurry.

They could take it out, but the surgical team is convinced it was not my gallbladder, and they absolutely refuse to touch me while pregnant. No big deal, they sent me home with some pain meds if I need them. Which I don't now. So all's good. I'm going to have it taken out after the baby is here and my milk supply is established.

I'm not out of the woods yet, but I am going to be optimistic. My blood pressure is awesome, so that's one less thing. They are still going back and forth about a cholestasis diagnosis, so I have to have my bile acids checked every week for now, and every 2 weeks later. I've been itchy since 14 weeks, and my liver function tests were all over the place. I guess they ran my titer wrong, so it might be going up (I'm isoimmunized, anti E), it came back positive, but no number. And it looks like I have GD. I'm wondering how on earth you do a GD diet, while eating non-fat (for the liver and gallbladder) while on bedrest. At least its at home modified bed rest - for now.

But you know, everything is going to work out, so I'm trying to stay positive, see the humor in stuff, and play with the things I'm buying for the baby. And stay away from morphine.
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