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Re: Punishments Outside of the Home

I make my Kids Sit in the chair directly Next to me they get 1minute Per year of time out no exceptions... If it happens a Second time they get an extra minute added if it happens again day is OVER. as for the Swatting at the face Yikes I think I might have Lost my cool i get that age and you cant really control the behavior just correct it but if it were My kid I probably would have ended playtime all together and made him or Her Sit finish their lunch and play with whatever was at the table as Hitting is Not acceptable at any age in our house and Punishment is never negotioable. Im quite strict from what Im told BUT I dont have bad behaved kids Never hit, Curse, or Bit anyone they are now 12 11 and 9 and I think its due to this way of child rearing which works for US, eventhough we got a LOT of resistance from Inlaws on both sides because of how we chose to parent. I think Do what you know works for You and what you feel comfortable with. No one knows your child like you do, their personality boundries and triggers... Im sure your LO will learn in time and as you said sounds Like just a combo of things that added up to a bad day
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