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Re: Selfish with your baby

I agree with... that long post a few up

I really don't agree with the comments earlier in the thread about wanting someone else to hold my new baby so I can do housework or whatever I'd much rather that person do something to help out (wash dishes, wipe the table, bring a meal) than take my baby and expect me to get up and do those things. Plus, after someone helping out a bit, I would feel much more comfortable with visiting with them while they cuddled my baby. (only exception there is when I need to shower - mama needs to shower every now and again - and then I love for someone else to tend to baby so I can shower in peace!)

I think it really depends on the background and contributing factors, though, like in the other post. My mom and MIL are the type of women who want to do for me after a new baby comes - they like to tend to the older kids, make meals, vacuum and tidy up the kitchen for me, and they also love to have cuddles with their new grandbaby. But they've never withheld the babies from me, if baby needs me or I just need them back, kwim?

Someone above mentioned that we're not with lions in Africa - and while that is true, obviously, it's that same basic maternal instinct kicking in that can bring about the feeling of "my baby, all mine". No, it's not really necessary in western culture like it would be/have been elsewhere, but it's still an instinct not something you can really control. (by that I mean the feeling, not our behaviour or reaction to that feeling)
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