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Re: What were your medical reasons for circumcising?

Originally Posted by iwiamandaiwi View Post
ugh, just now reading over this thread and I see that , as usual, it has turned into a bash everyone who dares to circ thread. the OP did not ask for that, she simply asked for medical reasons why we diecided to circ. I reaqlly need to stay away from these circ threads, they make me so angry. You should be ashamed of yourselves for trying to make mamas who chose to circ feel bad about it. It is a personal decision and should be respected. You act as though they are murdering their children for gods sake...
I don't see any bashing and you can't make a PERSONAL decision for someone else. I agree 100% that making the personal choice to circ should be long as the person with the penis is the one making the decision.

Originally Posted by iwiamandaiwi View Post
it is a personal choice that a mother makes for her child. just like any other parenting choice. and with that i better leave because I do not want to get into a cat fight over something so dumb...
See above.

I would NEVER consider permanently altering my child (for any reason) something too "dumb" to discuss.

In answer to the OP's question:

DH had severe hypospadias. In his case (and over 30 years ago) the foreskin was used in the repair. I don't believe that is common practice anymore.
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