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Re: Say something to the teacher or let it go...

Originally Posted by CarrieMF View Post
I have worked in all the schools here. The elementary schools get 20 minutes to eat. 90% of the kids are done in 10. Those who are 't either have something to heat up, are slow(and some of those are slow on purpose) or are too busy talking.

Yes 15 min is part of the problem, but the other half is your son is eating slow and needs to eat faster if he wants to finish everything.
Thank heavens I'm not the only one who feels that way! I was starting to feel like a big meanie!

I am wondering - how long do you/your families normally take to eat a meal? For us, an average meal only takes about 15 minutes to eat - I mean, a full dinner.
It certainly shouldn't take a kid more than that to eat a sandwich and, say, some apple slices or carrot sticks.

Also, I think it's normal for kids to come home from school, even after eating snacks and lunch, hungry and needing another snack - hence, after-school snacks (I'm picturing the "50's" mom with cookies and milk waiting for the kids off the bus, lol). It's a lot of work for kids to think and learn all day, it's not because they didn't get enough to eat at school, but just that it's hard work and they're hungry again.
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