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argh!!!! some people!!!!

I posted this status to my fbit was supposed to be attached to a pic, but the pic never loaded.)
Winter carseat reminder: chest clips at armpit level and coats are NOT safe in a carseat. put baby in seat in clothes only. Tighten straps until you cannot pinch any slack in the strap. If you have to loosen the straps to get them in with their coat on its too bulky! The coat will compress in an accident and the seat will not hold baby properly! Keep babies safe this winter! Rear facing til at least 2!

well guess what shows up on my feed? a "friend, "C" post that reads

This is why I dislike Facebook....because I read other people's posts and since I've gotten more and more opinionated with every year that passes, I get irritated. When it's cold out I'm not going to put my daughter in the carseat without a coat. It's cold, we wear coats for a reason. Secondly, I'm not leaving her rear facing until she's two. Her legs would be so curled up its ridiculous. It's not a law, it's a recommendation. Just because I don't follow the recommendation doesn't mean I'm not keeping my daughter safe. Lol this is why I keep deleting people off of Facebook. I don't care to read people preaching on topics they like to think they are experts on. I feel better.

Like .

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D This brought a smile to my face

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D We are all individuals. What's best for one child isn't necessarily best for another. That is why we as their parents get to decide what is best for our little one

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C I'm sorry but with the leg room available in a rear facing carseat, if you had them like that until age two, they might as well sit Indian style.

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C How's that safe? So impact in an accident can snap their legs. I know....I'm ranting and have rage issues right now.

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D It is okay. We all have our days.

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C It's just my inner self

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S LoL true dat LoL

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Lora A rear facing child is 5x less likely to have a spinal cord injury. Id much rather have a broken leg

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C Well my pediatrician doesn't seem to think so....and since he went to medical school that technically makes him an expert on my daughter's safety. They also say its a recommendation that you're in a booster until 4 ft 9 ....guess there's adults that should be in boosters still too. They can make recommendations until they're blue in the face and then they'll decide they were wrong next year.

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D If you see someone has clearly stated others posting their opinions about all this why would you go right under that status and comment...I would think an adult could have respect for the persons frustration and just keep their mouth shut.

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Lora Parks i have more concern for kids safety than offending people. not my opinions. Facts. HUndreds of studies, not just what i think is cool

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