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Re: Does anyone actually LIKE being a WOHM?

Today I hate being a WOHM. Yesterday DH was very sick so I had to stay home because he wasn't in any condition to watch DS. It was such a pleasure to wake up DS and get him ready for kindergarten. It made me sad to realize all the little things I miss out on, like getting his breakfast ready for him, giving him a quick shower, dressing him and dropping him off at school. Crossing the cross walk with the crossing guard telling us "Hello!" was something I miss out on 5x a week. And then waiting for him to come home, jump off the bus, and greet me with a huge smile.... *sigh*

DS actually went to bed crying last night when I told him that I had to go back to work today and wouldn't see him until dinner time. It's just so hard sometimes. And it was a slap in the face again when the teacher sent him home with a flyer inviting me to their "Parent's Cafe" which only occurs while I'm at work. Since I work so far from home, the boss wouldn't be excited about the idea of me taking that much time off of work. *double sigh*
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