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Re: The 25lb Challenge October thread

Originally Posted by corinne76 View Post
I thought it was only aspartame that made you crave more sweets?
I thought it was just the sweet taste that make us crave more sweets. After all, sugar will create cravings.

Here's a paragraph out of an article I found on MSNBC:

The American Dietetic Association says there's no conclusive evidence that diet sodas directly cause weight gain, but at least one expert believes an artificial sweetener habit may overstimulate our taste receptors for sweetness. Dr. David Ludwig, director of the Optimal Weight for Life Program at Children’s Hospital in Boston, cites animal studies that suggest consuming diet drinks alone (not with food) can confuse or disrupt the body’s ability to determine calorie content based on sweetness. As a result, the hyped-up sugar receptors could increase hunger and food intake, and contribute to weight gain. People would crave more high-calorie sweet foods and fewer healthful, less sweet foods , such as fruits, vegetables, and legumes.

And from

If you seek to cut out sugar, eliminating cookies, cakes and candy may not be enough. Manufacturers add sugar to all sorts of products, from bread to salad dressings--so read food labels carefully. Artificial sweeteners may offer you a sweet taste with little or no calories, but they do little to curb your cravings. A 2004 study at Purdue University showed that artificial sweeteners may disrupt the body's ability to count calories, setting you up to consume more calories overall. Also, because artificial sweeteners exhibit sweetness hundreds of times more intense than sugar, they may cause you to crave sweeter and sweeter products.
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