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Re: BGE worth the $

OK, here are the pictures of the detached soaker. The rise snaps are on the smallest setting, and this diaper has only been washed 8 or so times, so it isn't as shrunk as some of my others.

I seam-ripped the front part of the soaker, detaching it both from itself, and from the diaper. Just be careful at the beginning and end, as the back-stitching is really tight.

Then I took out that little line of stitching at the back part of the soaker, I left all the far back stitching in place. Poop used to get caught in the little "pocket" created by that stupid line of stitching, now it doesn't!

And now the trim shot - as the diaper is on the smallest setting I just fold the front flap back under itself, and it is still super duper trim
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