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Re: but I dont like to read...

I feel your pain, seriously. I had two girls who were on or above grade level readers and it was a battle to get them to read anything. To make matters worse, they were in a school which based 15-20% of their English grade on Accelerated Reader tests. They had to read an approved book worth so many points. When finished they took a comprehension test to guage how well they read and were awarded so many points based on how well they did. It never failed that they were reading the night before the end of the quarter to take tests to make the minimum required points to get the credit for class.

I would like to say that we did something special, but no go. I did start reading in the car when we went anywhere as a family. That hooked DD2 on the A to Z Mysteries, which lead to many other series books (Weird School Daze, Magic Rainbow Fairies, etc.). DD1 picked up the first Harry Potter book on a dare from DH who just wanted her to get those dumb AR points. She ended up reading all 7 books in just shy of 5 months and now reads a 400-500 page book a week with no prompting from me.

We're back to little reading with DD2 b/c she liked the idea of the AR points once she got into it and she could crank out those series books 2 or 3 a night. Now that she doesn't have that incentive, she's slacked quite a bit. I'm trying to get her hooked again by doing more read aloud. We're doing the Narina Chronicles now. She asks to be read to nightly, but won't read ahead herself.

I've just started an assigned amount of reading each day (supplementary material to go with science and history mostly plus reading from a book of saints). She does it and discusses it with myself and DD1, so I know she's actually reading and like your DD, she seems to enjoy what she reads once she gets over the hump of having to read.

I kind of look at it as a season. There have been times in my life where I read more and some where I read none at all. I think I'm ok. I figure that as long as they have the skills necessary to read, there will be times when they need/want to read more. Me nagging about it just gives me a headache.

Oh, just to add, when I did the timer thing, if you complained or kept checking to see how much time there was, the timer automatically started over!
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