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Unhappy Selling/bartering. Am I a pushover? What's up?!

So we have a local sales site. It's kinda like the fs threads here, but ads. I have a bunch of nice things listed and some thing do sell fast and easy. My problem is almost every person wants me to drive to them? I have my prices rock bottom so they sell fast. For example. I have a diamond/gold wedding ring listed for $225, just appraised at $600. A woman drug on for a week with e-mails about how she just had to have it. Then she insisted I drive 2+ hrs to bring it to her. ????? What if she had backed out when we got there. I thought when you buy from someone you go to their meeting place. And trades. I always end up going to them. The gas just stinks. When I'm selling/tradeing something for so cheap, we really loose with the gas.

What do you gals do? I have "pick up in Pleasant Hill". What about when you have on a certian item price firm please. Then they get to the meet and say they will only pay whatever.

Seriously, am I doing something wrong. I don't wanna scare people away.

I just went 20 min down the road to meet a guy and waited 45 min only to have him not show or call. It was a real waste of time. Getting the boys ready, loading up, keeping them from going bonkers in the car, missing valuable hs time.

Where is the mutual respect. It wasn't always like this.

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