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Re: weight gain....who else is nervous besides me??

I'm super nervous. I gained 40# with DS, and I was already 20# over my target weight then. I only lost #20 of it, so I'm at 40# over my target weight going into this pregnancy. Ugh. I had just started to really exercise and make a difference. I'm currently riding my bike the 7.5 miles to and from work, for a total of 15 miles a day. I'm going to try and keep that up as long as my OB and I both think it is safe to do so. I mostly ride on a trail, with only about .8 miles on the road, plus where the trail crosses roads. I'm hoping to make it until early December with riding. Then get a personal trainer in January, and start swimming in March. I want to wait until I'm OBVIOUSLY pregnant to put on a bathing suit in public!
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