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Re: HS Check-In, Part 2

Originally Posted by jen_batten View Post
Welcome mom1gm and Lyn!! What curriculum are you using? And to the lady who said that we are "better" (ftmom?) at this....that's probably not true. If I remember right, you are in your first year, and it does take some time to settle in. A lot of the other Mom here aren't in their first year (I'm in my second) so sometimes we may seem a bit more put together, but maybe we've just slightly improved at rolling with things? Also I'm sure it comes out more glossed over on the computer than it looks IRL. And all of us have rough days. Hang in there, and you'll be feeling better about things soon.

AFM--I'm done with homeschooling for the week!! And we finished up our HOP review and the MFW section about the scrolls and everything, so I'm looking forward to starting something new next week. DH did ask me what I wanted him to do...I told him if he felt like working with them that was fine, but if not, no sweat. Maybe this is bad...but I can't imagine the disorganization my curric will be in when I get back if they do school. Oh well, if he does it, at least I'll be able to log some hours although so far we are doing really well on hours for the week. I am going on a girly trip to Branson with some family and friends this weekend, and I'm super excited about it, but I'm the kind of Mom who leaves the kids almost never, so I'm sure it will be hard in a way too. Hope everyone has a great weekend!
OK, so I'm just being nosey... What are you girls going to do this weekend? We go down about twice a year and do one big thing each time and then try to do free stuff the rest (challenging to say the least). So, I'm just curious what you are going to do or have done and it's great!

AFM: We got a full day in! DD1 is totally caught up and DD2 is only one math lesson behind for the week. Since we usually don't do math on Fridays, she'll make it up tomorrow. It amazes me what DD2 can do when she actually quits complaining/goofing around/getting distracted and does the work. She did 2 math lessons, read the entire 3 part illustrated Epic of Gilgamesh, a book on photosynthesis, revised her paragraph from the grammar book and played 2 spelling games. She did all this from 9-11, and she did it well. I only wish I could show her how her day would be improved if she worked hard for a little while and could have more free time (without me on her back).
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