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Re: Starting home schooling after a bad start to the school year at public school

Originally Posted by 2queens&1princenmyhouse View Post
There is a Saxon homeschool series. To me, it is basically the same as classroom Saxon as far as style. The difference is that the lesson is written out in the text for the student as more of an independent learning experience. I typically don't go through the lesson with the girls. They just read it and if they have trouble doing any of the problems, they come ask and I sit down with them and talk them through it. Our schedule isn't as rigorous as some, , but it's working for us. We do math Monday-Thursday, about 1.5 hours each day. Then we take Friday off. Occasionally if I see that they need some help with a certain thing, I'll find a worksheet and throw that in on Friday, but they seem to be getting the concepts really well, so we've only had to do that a couple times.

Here is the Scott Foresman grammar book that we use. It is supposed to be a supplement to their reading program (which I used when I taught as well). It does go through the writing process and I try to expand that aspect out. Usually at some point through the week, the student is expected to write a paragraph using whatever specific element they are working with (this week was plural nouns). Instead of DD2 just slapping a few sentences together, which is what she would prefer to do, I had her go through the entire writing process. She'll write her final draft tomorrow (and her paragraph is 3 because she decided that one wasn't enough--we are making progress ).
Thanks Kristen I think I may go with Saxon and Scott Foresman, since I have used them before. Which books did you buy for Saxon? Do you use all of them? So for grammar/writing you only use the free worksheets, or do you have the textbook as well?

The library didn't have as much as I had hoped. They had a learning resource person who is an ex-teacher as well and she suggested a book called "write ahead" which I have never heard of. When I looked at the time4learning site, my dd said it was the same as compass odyssey, which she has the password for from ps.
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