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Re: I learned all kinds of things about myself this week

Originally Posted by mom1mg View Post
I bet you already know this but ... you can have a scope done down your throat to remove the stones if they aren't in the bile duct and/or too big. It is a day procedure and doesn't hurt. They tried that with me first but I had a rupture which they found while doing it.

Also - lots of pregnant mom's make it to full term with gallbladder issues. I know that, that doesn't take away ANY of the pain but a LOT of us made it full term so hopefully you will to!

Oh and - are we twins? I found out I am allergic to morphine in the EXACT same way - it was even for the gallbladder too!
It's not the gallbladder, it's all the other stuff. I was high risk before I got pg, and my test results are starting to look bad. Same old same old. They won't induce for gallbladder discomfort.

The morphine thing makes me laugh. My sister is a L&D nurse and she always tells me about her drug addicted patients, and how they call come in allergic to morphine, but not to their drug of choice and asking them to push it with other meds, too. Now I'm going to sound like that! Although I hate IV pain meds and really prefer pills. The IV hits you too fast, KWIM?
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