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Originally Posted by EmilytheStrange
I think everything you're doing is right and I don't know that there's much more that you can do.

Like it or not, he senses that something changed for you and he senses your anxiety. Even if he never saw you cry, he'd know something was up.

DD is like this right now, we just moved to a new house, so anytime we'd go out to put out trash or whatever, she'd have a full on fit. It has calmed down considerably now that we've been here a couple weeks. I anticipate that your son will calm down naturally as time passes.

As for the sitter situation, I'm not sure. Perhaps he just needs space. Other than the supervision issue, is there a problem with him playing alone? I'd have her bring the toys that he's playing with downstairs, maybe put a blanket down for him to have his own 'space' and try to let him play solo.
Agree. Just keep it up.
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