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Re: S/O Am I the only one that had no idea spanking was still allowed in some states?

Originally Posted by Kiliki View Post
I agree with this post.

I think it serves a purpose. Esp for those ridiculous kids that get so out of control - throwing furniture, screaming, biting, attacking teachers and counselors - I bet *some* of those kids are kept in check knowing they might get paddled.

In a perfect world, all kids would listen easily, all parents would agree on how to discipline every child, and no one would ignore bad behavior and raise a monster... but this is reality, and unfortunately, not every kid responds to mild discipline, not every family knows how to be consistent with discipline, and sadly, some kids are completely ignored and allowed to become completely uncontrollable with no respect for any authority figure.

We do spank when the kids get ridiculous and out of control and there is no other way to get through to them, after we've tried every other method. I refuse to let my kid turn into a raging maniac throwing things, hitting people, pushing over furniture, etc. This is what some kids ARE DOING and the poor teachers and staff are at a total loss... they have to stand and helplessly watch. If they restrain the kid, they get in trouble for touching them and suddenly a parent is suing the school board. If they call the cops, people freak out that they're being outrageous. I think if they had permission to paddle a kid in that situation, they would be able to get the situation under control quickly, with minor disruption to everyone else, and return to normal, with less of a threat to teachers and staff, and less things getting damaged.

I think it's easy to get all up in arms about it when you forget the fact that teachers and staff really have very little they can do to stop an out of control kid who really does NOT care about suspension, grades, privileges being taken, etc.

if a child is that out of control do you really think a paddling is going to take place with out someone restraining them they arent just going to say ok kid you misbehaving stop throwing that desk and chair and bend over so we can hit you. that makes no sense.
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