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Re: What were your medical reasons for circumcising?

Medical reasons would be abnormatlities and other complications with the foreskin or urethra. But those don't all require a circumcision, in fact, very little do. One of my son's has a urethra abnormality, but no action is required as he can pee just fine, has never had any penile infections or bladder infections. It is just something you keep an eye on until you know exactly how it will affect the child.

"Benefits" like UTIs, penile cancer, STDs, etc can be reduced by proper hygeine, safer sex, and education. Also, penile cancer is cancer of the penis, not the foreskin (there is foreskin cancer, which is even rarer than penile cancer which is rare to begin with). Statistics show men are more likely to develop breast cancer then they are penile cancer.

As for performing the circumcision, hospitals here do not use any sort of numbing agent. I've never heard of a hospital using a spinal block, only numbing creams and sprays.

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