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Originally Posted by NiNi
It's always easy for people to say that vaxs don't cause issues. When their child has never experienced an issue.

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DD1 has issues and is fully vaxed. I have no reason to suspect and do not believe vaccinations are to blame. My cousin wasn't vaxed and had severe Autism, he was still non-verbal at 12.

I absolutely believe some children react to vaccines. If you have reason to believe your child isn't responding well, then you get to stop. I also believe sometimes parents make associations that a vaccine caused something that didn't, anymore than eating strawberries the day before you get an ear infection is related.

Medical issues are a complex interplay of a variety of factors. It's not always simple cause and effect. And sometimes it is. I don't think anyone on here thinks vaccines are 100% safe for everyone in every situation. There is an unfortunate amount of fear mongering on both sides. It would be nice if someone would start a "Just the Facts" website with only reputable info from both sides, and we all had educated, understanding peds who would discuss it openly and honestly.
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