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This Is Making Me Crazy I Have To Vent

I visit an online birth club once in a while for our youngest daughter(March 06). The whole breastfeeding thing is making me crazy things like:

"I EBF except a couple bottles of formula a day"
Then you aren't EBF,your supplementing one or the other

"I give formula when AF is visiting,because my supply is so low"
And giving formula is going to make it better?

I know it's a really mainstream board,but c'mon are woman in this day and age really so stupid. What really irks me are they peds are suggesting these things. I thought doctors were supposed to be supportive of healthy living,for mother and baby

This isn't meant to upset anyone who is having trouble breastfeeding and really trying. It's just me getting it off my chest to mamas I knew would understand


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