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How long do you "hold" stuff for someone on FSOT?

I have a whole bunch of girls' clothes and shoes on FSOT, and most of it is selling pretty well. I have one mama who asked about a few things and we've been PM'ing the last 3 days. I have had other mamas ask about the some of the same stuff. I try to answer my PMs asap, usually under an hour. I know not all mamas can do that, but I would like to sell my stuff and get it out of here. She says she wants the stuff, but I only hear from her (usually in the middle of the night) once a day. So...wwyd? Do you hold stuff for a few days and go back and forth, or move on to the next mama who is ready to pay immediately? I don't want to be shady, but I just want to sell my stuff, get my pp, and get some more space in our closets! TIA!
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