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Re: Farming/Homesteading October Chat Thread

Raising crops and babies. Since both calves were 5 weeks I'm going to guess twins as well. They said that you 'could' raise them for beef but preferred them to be pets. (For me to keep an animal though it has to be usefull. My American Bulldog may not seem like much help but she scares away any unwanted visitors since she looks a bit like a pit and barks/snarles at unknown men like she's going to tear them to shreds ) So sterile cows do me no good. So I'm happy I didn't buy them (tho I'm sure DH would have appreciated the beef, he RARELY gets it due to his size and cholesterol levels, and when he does get it I make sure it's grass fed. I'll have to see what we can do for pasture in the spring. My dad is going to cut the wood on our land this winter, he'll burn it next year and we'll have a free tree cutting service, win win since we do not have any sort of wood heat (yet, still hoping we can convert our propane fireplace that is unused to wood next summer, but we have 9 acres, so plenty of wood will be left as less than an acre is cleared.)

Dani: I feel your pain on injured kids NOT being on the 'to-do' list. ODD got sent home from school this afternoon as she fell while walkinng ON TOP of the monkey bars and landed with her crotch on a bar. She wanted to stay an finish the day (she always does when sick or hurt, she LOVES going to school. Basically that is the only reason I have yet to homeschool.)

Raising crops and babies: My older two 'could' help. ODD stayed up till 11 last x-mas helping peel apples for pies etc but she was on vacation. Right now they get on the bus st 6:45 am and off the bus at 3:45 pm and have a snack, then 2 hours of parent assisted homework (I make dinner while they read to me), by the time dinner is done they 'may' have time for a shower, shower night usually go past bedtime and if they did have a little spare time before bed they have other chores like putting away dishes or thier laundry. DD#2 has to feed and lock up the chickens for the night (right now that's with a flashlight since it gets dark by 6). So it'll be me processing the apples.

DD#3 had a fever last nite (and in my lap all nite) so no processing apples then, will do after dinner tonite tho. Plan on freezing some already mixed with sugar/cinnamon etc for pies/crips, some died apples for muffins, and tomorrow during the day I'll can applesauce and then I'll use all the peelings and cores to make pectin.
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