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Re: Farming/Homesteading October Chat Thread

Today, we went to town and bought the .22 Maine has no waiting period for any legal gun (even hand guns), they just have to call the FBI and they say yes. They made it sound like it was such and awesome thing contacting the FBI. Dh and I wanted to laugh. We've been thru FBI investigations before for security clearances. I wanted to tell them if 'Agent Booth' walked in then I'd be impressed (and need a bucket for the ) but I just smiled and nodded.

Shot a couple rounds when we got home but had to go get ODD and Dh had to go to work. So right now we are keeping it in the trash closet, it has a chain that goes through the barrel out the magazine hole for a safety lock, we hang it by that and then on the tippy top shelf is the loaded magazine and on a hidden hook is the lock key. It's all quite accessable to a knowing adult (if you can figure out the childproof handle on the door, little rascal of an almost 3yo has always needed to be kept out of that closet.)

It won't be immediatly ready to shoot but doesn't take long to get it that way. This eve I think I'm going to hang the dead chicken from a tree so I can keep an eye out while doing apples.

Ok, gotta get back to helping kids with homework. *sigh* as much as I have to do WITH them I might as well homeschool I suppose.
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