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Re: The 25lb Challenge October thread

Originally Posted by KiltedKingdom View Post

Hi Liz! We had chickens when I was a teenager and my mom made me help peel the hardboiled eggs and I HATED it. They were so much harder to peel than store bought eggs and they never looked nice. They tasted good, though
It's best to use old eggs for hard boiling. The reason the store bought are easier to peel is because they having been sitting in a fridge for who knows how long . I just made some and used the eggs we had had in there for about a month and they were really easy to peel.

Originally Posted by 3lilbubs View Post
That makes a lot of sense about the sweeteners. I know that when I've done South beach before the lack of sugar for those first two weeks completely killed my desire and taste for it. I cut out soda a few weeks ago and I'm really proud of that because it was VERY hard. Dh and I could drink 4-5 a day, each before. If I drink my coffee, I don't crave them. I am like a pp that said she needs her coffee sweet to drink it though. I really enjoy the taste of coffee, I'm not someone that just drinks it for the caffeine (though that is a big plus LOL). I remember drinking another sweetener last time I was dieting that was good, I need to look up the website and figure out which one it was. It was a sample from a sugar company.
I love coffee too..I can drink it decaf, it's all about the flavor. I went from using 6 big spoonfuls of sugar in a pot of coffee when this group started to 3 packets stevia. I'm so proud of myself . I still use regular milk though. I cut out soda a couple months ago too and now it doesn't even taste that good to me. I didn't think I'd ever be able to do that!
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