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Re: Vaccines

Originally Posted by A21Lee View Post
B.S. in Biology and Medical Technology and M.S. in Physician Assistant Studies. I vax, on schedule and agree with above. The key benefit of vaccinating everyone is herd immunity. We are protecting each other's children as much as our own. If my kid is vaccinated against a disease, I'm keeping your child from getting the disease as well. The hope is that the protection is mutually beneficial. Safety in numbers. For every child that is not vaccinated, it puts everyone at risk because the outbreaks are still possible. This is the reason medical professionals find it difficult to agree with parents that refuse vaccination. It goes against everything they are taught in school. It's not personal. It's just one very simple way to protect children from getting very serious diseases (that are so easily preventable).
DH has his PhD in biochemistry and has a brother who is 9 years younger then him who had severe non-communitive autism (now Aspergers) and his mother got her master's in child psych from John Hopkins with an emphasis on childhood autism (this was in the mid 1975's before it was the epidemic we see today and before her own son who had it, was even conceived).

We have always vaccinated on schedule. Even our micro-preemie DD (God rest her soul) was vaccinated on schedule. I didn't realize how important this was until I asked to get the H1N1 at the same time as my son as I hoped to be TTC that January (think we got the Vaccine in november). I got diagnosed with lymphoma that December and thanks to my son being fully vaccinated, and with me being careful with him and me that winter, I didn't die when I had no immune system. If I would have waited to get the H1N1 in December, I wouldn't have been able to get it.

I had chicken pox as a child. I was about 10 years old and I remember it well (even though I don't have many other memories of being 10). Chicken Pox was one of the vaccines that I was debating not giving my son. DH wanted me to, but I was unsure. I finally had him convince me to do it and BOY am I glad. Turns out my immunity to chicken pox has been in a steady decline since about 2000. I have the lab work results to show it. I was at an immunity of 3.8 in May of 2000. In June of 2012 I was at an immunity of 1 (which is neither immune nor not immune). I was going to get the vaccine but decided to see my oncologist first. BOY was that good thing! Turns out I am one of the people that is dependent on herd immunity. I can't get the vaccine because people with a history of Lymphoma are dying from it (sadly this isn't on the CDC's mandated questions that they ask before administering the vaccine either!!!). There is an ongoing clinical trial to figure out why this is happening, but until they figure it out, I can't get the vaccine. I have to rely on my son's immunity and me being careful not to get sick.

My BIL autism wasn't caused by vaccines. I married into a very big research oriented family. If there was ANY question that vaccines and autism were related, I am sure they would have found it (FIL has a PhD and several other degrees). To me it should speak volumes that we vaccine despite this being in DH's family history.

Good luck in your decision.
Jennifer (39) - Wife since 12/2003 with 5 children - 3 waiting for me in heaven , and 2 delighting me everyday ! Lymphoma survivor and mother to baby born post pelvic radiation!
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