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2y2m, talking issues - is this normal?

I know I've posted before, and I know people say "all kids are different." I totally get that, I do. But at what point is "different" = behind?

I am so sick of people suggesting (politely) to make sure we use proper words with DS who is 2 years 2 months old. He babbles a TON. As in talks like crazy, but it's total babble and not even a real attempt at words at all. People seem to assume we just give him whatever we think he wants, don't use the words for things, etc. It's frustrating, because we talk to him a TON. As in ALL. THE. TIME. We use words, we don't baby babble. For example, if I'm giving him something to drink, I say something like "here's your sippy" or "here is some milk," etc. We use words for foods, drinks, toys, objects, etc. He UNDERSTANDS most of what we say. He can follow directions, etc.

It's the actual TALKING that still worries me. I know people say "if you're worried, get early intervention." The process online sounds very frustrating and long and drawn out TBH so I'd rather not go through it all if this falls into the "normal" range you know? So can people with more than one kid just tell me if this sounds like it's in the range of NORMAL?

DH and I sat down and added up all the things he can say and we came to just short of two dozen. But they are not things he actively says regularly. As in, he can say "choo choo" for his trains, and probably uses words like that and ball daily. But he can say some words that he doesn't say very often and only if prompted generally. He can say a couple of phrases that only DH and I would probably understand such as "I don't know" which is more like "I dunno" - and if you say I love you, he will usually now say "I..too" for I love you too. He can say "here you go" is more like "here go" and "let go" is "lego" when you have something he's trying to take.

But what worries me is the frustration starting to develop. He will stand and whine, cry, throw a temper tantrum trying to tell me he wants something. He will point randomly in the kitchen crying and babbling a word, but I have NO CLUE what he wants. I try to get him to calm down, talk to me, and he is starting to get better at calming down and trying to tell me what he wants. But it's total babble. He can't tell me he's hungry, or thirsty, or what it is he's whining about, and he really is trying. Then he gets upset again and freaks out if I can't understand him.

I will ask, "Do you want a sippy?" "Are you hungry?" etc but nothing. And FTR he's a good eater, eats 3 good meals and two snacks a day but if he said he was hungry I'd feed him of course.

Thoughts? Help if you are in Indiana specifically? I found the "first steps" early intervention program the state offers, but can not for the life of me figure out WHO to call. You'd think there would be a number on the page about how to get started. Or an email or something.
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